ReportingMD Announces Partnership with Holon Solutions to Assist Health Care Providers to Achieve Better Patient Outcomes for Pay-for-Performance Programs

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Integrated technology will position Health Care Providers for increased revenue in the pay-for-performance market space.

ReportingMD and Holon Solutions today announced the availability of an integrated technology allowing physicians the ability to streamline practice workflows and manage patient outcomes more efficiently. The partnership between the two organizations will permit doctors utilizing ReportingMD’s data analytics application to identify care gaps within their patient populations and address those issues at the point of care using Holon Solution’s integrated technology. The collaboration between ReportingMD and Holon Solutions will lead to better patient outcomes and increased revenue for the practice leveraging the combined technology.

Michael Deyett, President of ReportingMD, added “the Holon Insights application solves pay for performance clinical work flow challenges and when combined with our Total Outcomes Management application our physicians have the power to optimize clinical performance at the point of care and increase provider revenue. We are excited to have Holon as a trusted partner.”

Julie Mann, Chief Commercial Officer of Holon Solutions, added, “Fundamentally Holon believes in partnership, collaboration and community. This transcends to everything we do. Our solution compliments and empowers our partners’ solutions – increasing their value, by surfacing their insights into the user’s workflow. By linking our complimentary technologies, ReportingMD users will benefit from a streamlined workflow: staying in their EMR while having patient-specific notifications guide their immediate actions”.

Holon surfaces important patient data directly within the provider’s workflow. Their patent-pending technology senses when a patient’s chart is opened in the EHR and automatically retrieves relevant information from ReportingMD. Holon then delivers non-intrusive, real-time alerts in the workflow that can identify: gaps in care, coding gaps and more. This combined solution eliminates the need for providers to leave their workflow, enabling optimal patient outcomes and financial performance.

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