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Harness the power of precise, real-time information delivery. Holon Insights automatically surfaces actionable health data without interrupting provider workflows.

How It Works

Patented technology detects and identifies authorized providers as they log into their EHRs and open patient charts.

Working in the background, Insights automatically identifies, synthesizes, and delivers relevant patient information from a variety of third-party sources, displaying it in an unobtrusive ribbon that displays alongside the patient chart in the EHR.

How It’s Used

Our clients use Insights to save time, increase revenue, and improve outcomes by closing and preventing gaps in care and coding, gaining insights into their patient populations, obtaining comprehensive patient summaries, and tracking orders in progress.

Gaps in Care

Insights delivers patient care gaps from any health IT system to providers in their EHR workflows at the point of care – precisely when needed. Accelerating your ability to close (and avoid) gaps faster equals better quality and outcomes, less wasted time, and more value-based revenue.

Coding Gaps

Much like gaps in care, coding gaps affect risk scores and reimbursement rates. By alerting providers to HCC coding gaps within their EHR workflows, Insights helps ensure the most accurate coding for maximum reimbursement.

Population View

A dashboard view of attributed patients is curated to include only the most relevant cost, care quality, and utilization information. It empowers workflows that start at the strategic initiative level and allows users to drill down to patient-level insights, putting precision information in the hands of the care team.

Patient Summary

The configurable patient summary enables organizations to customize the patient-level information displayed in the Insights ribbon for end users.

Orders in Progress

Ensuring lab orders meet medical necessity guidelines and understanding what patient liability is up front saves time and money for labs, providers, and patients. Insights delivers real-time information on eligibility and lab coverage details, reducing denials and rework, and improving revenue capture.

Get the Insights Overview

“With Holon, we have realized a time savings of seven minutes per patient visit. Our physicians each see an average of 20 patients per day. The time saved is significant [and are a] result of patient-specific gaps in care being surfaced automatically when a member of our care team accesses a patient’s chart in our EMR.”

Diane Fowler, BSBM, RN
Arizona Center for Internal Medicine

“Holon is fully integrated into our daily workflow. We no longer have to login to portals to access this information. Holon has directly provided our physicians with extra time with each patient, [and] enhanced clinical decision-making at the point and time of care.”

Diane Fowler, BSBM, RN
Arizona Center for Internal Medicine

“With our recent partnership with Holon, the NextGen Population Health Platform is now serving up multi-sourced data at the point of care in ways that fit and adapt to physician and care team workflows, by averting the need for them to log on to multiple systems in order to see a full view of the patients’ data and information.”

Betty Rabinowitz, MD, FACP, Chief Medical Officer

“Holon has been an innovative and strategic partner for Clinical Pathology Laboratories. The results have reduced denials, improved resource efficiency at both CPL and the provider office, and a 5% overall improvement of revenue capture. With Holon any challenge has always been embraced; it’s never no, it’s figure out the clear path forward.”

Tony Jones, Senior Vice President of Business Development and Information Technology Solutions
Clinical Pathology Laboratories

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