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Holon Referrals

Holon Referrals uses patented sensing technology to bring relevant patient data from multiple sources automatically into the referral workflow for clear, complete communications among collaborating providers, regardless of their native EHR systems.

How it Works

Managing referrals shouldn’t be how care teams spend their day. By reducing system pain for providers and staff, Holon Referrals closes the loop on the referral process in seconds, not minutes. That’s more time available for high-quality, collaborative patient care.

Maximize efficiency

Information automatically populates to start a referral, saving time while reducing keystrokes and errors.

Simplify provider selection

Choose specialists for patients based on preferences and criteria, including network and plan affiliation, outcomes, location, and more.

Collaborate with ease

Chat securely in real-time and reference attachment uploads for effective, efficient clinical collaboration. Automated messaging keeps the care team up-to-date on progress.

Optimize follow-through

Track each step from referral order to completion along with event timelines, preventing patients from falling through the cracks.

See the results

Smart analytics help you understand referral trends, monitor queues, measure operational performance and specialty performance in closing the feedback loop.

Deliver more value to care teams and patients.

“We have realized huge time savings and efficiencies using Holon’s Referrals application. Not only do we have access to all the providers we can refer to, but Holon also captures the questions those providers need us to answer before receiving a referral and the documentation that needs to be sent.”

Answer Health

“Holon Referrals is superior to any product I have seen and the ease of use as a Physician Organization Trainer with 65 practices that I work with is fantastic! The product is very well received.”

Karen Marsh, HVPA Care Coordinator / IT Product Support
Huron Valley Practices Affiliates, Inc.

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