Reduce network leakage and instantly simplify your referral process.

Simplify Referrals

Effortlessly coordinate care across your entire care community. Holon Referrals works in the background to help care teams achieve better outcomes and lower costs.

How It Works

Employing patented sensing technology, Referrals detects and identifies providers as they log into their EHRs and open patient charts. The application works in the background of the EHR, using its sensors to pull relevant patient data from the EHR into the referral workflow, reducing administrative burden for provider staff, and alerting when new referrals are available for review.

How It’s Used

Health systems and provider organizations use Referrals to streamline the referral process, optimize specialist matching, improve communication and collaboration, increase provider and patient satisfaction, save time, and maximize financial outcomes.

Streamlined Referral Initiation

Patented sensing technology enables providers and/or referral coordinators to initiate a referral directly from the EHR. Information from the patient chart automatically populates the referral form to start a new referral.

Precision Provider Matching

Providers are prompted to select the most appropriate specialist for a patient based on multiple criteria including network and health plan affiliations, provider outcomes data, physical location to home or work, cost, and more. The result is better control over network leakage and optimal referral selections.

Referral Communication & Collaboration

Real-time communication between the initiating and referred-to providers is enabled via secure chat, along with attachment upload and sharing, facilitating better care collaboration.

Once a referral is completed, automated messaging – such as text or email – is triggered to close the referral loop between patients and specialists.

Referral Status Tracking

Additional functionality enables organizations to track each step from referral order to closed loop along with event timelines, preventing patients from falling through the cracks.

Referral Analytics

Smart analytics identify leakage trends, cost savings, quality improvements, and more for optimizing processes, clinical outcomes, and financial results.

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