We believe that the more obstacles there are in the way of personalized, impactful care, the further we get from the universal heart of our industry—humans helping humans.

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We offer more than a product, but a place of dedicated relief, where healthcare delivery is made effortless and more impactful. Care teams are empowered with personalized tools and information with a collaboration framework to ensure adoption and value.

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The Holon Difference

  • Seamlessly integrates with any health technology across all stakeholders
  • Provides personalized experiences for every role
  • Delivers immediate value through collaboration framework and analytics
  • Improves quality of care, increases revenue, and reduces staff frustration
  • Saves time, money, and resources
Seeing is believing

But don’t take our word for it.

“Through the claims data insights that Holon provides to me at the point of care, I was able to re-visit the past medical history for an established patient of mine on whether he had ever had a diagnosis of diabetes. To my surprise, he answered in the affirmative, and he simply had omitted to disclose it previously even though he had been our patient for 2+ years. Needless to say, we were being graded on how we were caring for him as a diabetic patient unknowingly. Since then, the exact same thing happened to yet another patient of mine! How many similar scenarios are out there like this?”

MD / Baptist Health

“Bottom line is… I can focus on patient care. Being able to care for patients and making sure we are doing the right thing is invaluable. And that’s what I’m able to do with Holon.”

Dr. Ju H. Joh, MD / WNY Coordinated Medical Care

“We’re heavily focused on total cost of care and transitions of care to increase the efficiency and quality, while decreasing the costs. So, I love being able to see the urgent care and ER visits in the app.”

Dr. Michael Dlugosz, MD / Highgate Medical

Holon’s patented platform and relief technology is trusted by: