Enhance your value by maximizing access to your data and analytics

Make “I didn’t know I could do that” a thing of the past. Improve the end-user experience with Holon’s precision information delivery.

Holon’s CollaborNet platform helps health IT vendors demonstrate value in a competitive environment. When providers have seamless access to contextually-relevant patient information, they are better equipped to make the most informed care decisions, which can optimize outcomes, reduce costs, and dramatically improve user satisfaction.

Health IT vendors who partner with Holon can:

Automate delivery of valuable data and analytics to end users directly within their established workflows
Increase utilization of their available data and analytics solutions
Demonstrate greater value, outperform competitors, and increase client satisfaction

Holon’s CollaborNet solutions address interoperability challenges that hamper precise information delivery.

We help our partners streamline delivery of valuable data and analytics when and where providers and end users need it – right in their workflows. And our patented sensing technology makes implementations quick and easy, so you start demonstrating value fast.

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