Holon Community gives care teams a place where they can collaborate and communicate effortlessly while accessing comprehensive patient information right within their existing systems. That means measurably improved population health and greater value for quality care in Medicare, Medicaid, and other public programs.

When you put people first, you demonstrate impactful rewards for communities, families, and individuals.

Process-relief technology streamlines practice workflows for a healthier community.

  • Ensures providers have access to patient information from multiple EHRs, HIEs, and Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) data sources for holistic care and health equity
  • Helps care teams close gaps in care and coding with ease
  • Enhances clinical decision-making at any point of care
  • Reduces referral time from minutes to seconds
  • Eliminates process burdens to improve efficiency and team satisfaction
  • Refines cost and quality measures with advanced analytics
  • Create new synergies with community IPAs and MSOs
Let Holon Community relieve the everyday burden of inefficient processes and equip program providers to focus on patient-centric care – raising the bar to equitably serve every community.
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Close gaps in care and coding for better population health outcomes.

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Facilitate comprehensive care throughout the healthcare continuum.

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What Holon clients are saying:

“This is an amazing tool! …best tool I’ve seen so far!”

Luz D. Amaro, Health Information Manager / Coastal Health & Wellness

Holon’s patented technology is trusted by leading healthcare companies:

Connect providers to information and intelligence that drives excellent care and outcomes with a personalized experience.