Provide relief to care teams with easy access to intelligent, actionable patient information, and effortless communications. Holon Community automatically delivers the right information, at the right time, to any point of care with a personalized user experience.

Leverage the power of the Holon Community

  • Simplify access to intelligent patient information from internal and external sources — including HIEs and SDOH data
  • Close gaps in care and manage populations more holistically
  • Improve HCC coding and RAF scores
  • Minimize network leakage and optimize revenue
  • Increase satisfaction and reduce burnout
The Holon Community makes it easy to connect, communicate, and collaborate.
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Holon Community


Effortlessly access intelligent information to address care and coding gaps while driving performance.

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Experience a simplified referral process that ensures comprehensive patient care.

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Holon’s patented technology is trusted by leading healthcare companies:

What health systems are saying:

“We…have to be able to engage with providers in a way that fits within their workflow and in a way that sends data when they need it – not just through a portal, not just retrospective or backward-looking, but in that moment when they’re seeing somebody…”

Baylor Scott & White Health

“Being able to see vaccinations in the pharmacy data is incredibly helpful for my nurses. Before Holon, it’s often a call or they have to log into a different device, but now they have all the information right there for them.”

Dr. Michael Dlugosz, MD / Highgate Medical
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