Our Story

At Holon Solutions, we believe in the power of technology to make healthcare better for everyone.

We have drawn on decades of health IT experience in acute care, ambulatory care, integrated delivery networks (IDNs), health information exchanges (HIEs), and health plans, to develop innovative solutions that truly enhance the way healthcare works.

Our patented sensing technologydelivers contextually-relevant patient information from any health information system into the provider workflow exactly when it’s needed – without lengthy, expensive integration processes with EHR vendors.

That means providers start realizing the benefits of precision information fast. The result? Informed, actionable decision-making about patient care without the cognitive burdens and frustration that may lead to clinician burnout.

It’s more than health information exchange and interoperability. It’s a new category of Precision Information Delivery.

“We all deserve a better operating healthcare system with better served providers. Thoughtful information technology can and must help. There is no time to waste.”

– Jon Zimmerman, CEO, Holon Solutions
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How We

We’re on a mission to improve health for everyone through precision information delivery that maximizes clinical and financial outcomes.


When patient data is trapped in siloes across multiple systems, providers aren’t able to access the information they need to make informed, collaborative decisions.

Holon’s patented technologies help bypass many system interoperability issues, seamlessly delivering precision information whenever it’s needed.

  • Providers and end users receive contextually-relevant patient information… minus the frustrating, disruptive search to find it.
  • Health Systems and Health Plans gain confidence that providers are looking at the whole picture to make the best decisions about clinical care and spending.
  • Health IT vendors can be sure that users are leveraging valuable data and analytics tools directly within the workflow.

Financial Sustainability

Whatever your mix of reimbursement models, you need tools that facilitate your organization’s financial health.

Designed to enable the most informed care for optimal outcomes, Holon’s CollaborNet platform supports increased revenue and lower costs.

  • Providers can close and avoid gaps in care, while reducing time-consuming administrative tasks
  • Health Systems can improve HCC coding and RAF scores and prevent network leakage
  • Health Plans can reduce avoidable healthcare costs and increase member satisfaction
  • Health IT vendors can demonstrate greater value through increased utilization of their data, protecting their client relationships and positioning them for growth

Value-Based Performance

The migration to value-based care is undeniable. The ability to succeed in value-based arrangements is directly tied to sustainability and future growth.

By seamlessly delivering actionable patient information in the provider workflow at the point of need, CollaborNet helps deliver the insights required to excel in performance-based care.

  • Providers can access the knowledge they need achieve success with value-based care measures without disrupting their workflows
  • Health Systems and Health Plans can collaborate with providers to identify opportunities and optimize value-based revenues
  • Health IT vendors can strengthen their market position as value-based care data and analytics leaders


Jon Zimmerman
Chief Executive Officer


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Chief Marketing Officer


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Chief Growth Officer


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Chief Customer Officer


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Chief Product & Technology Officer


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Chief Operating Officer