A Holon is both a part and a whole operating as an integral part of a larger system.

Our company name and brand promise were inspired by the meaning of Holon and the role we play across the broader healthcare ecosystem. At Holon, we put this meaning at the center of everything we do, but more importantly why we do it.

We believe healthcare has lost touch with what is most important — humans helping humans. That is why Holon leads with empathy to deliver people-over-process technology to those who serve us all.

Our intelligent platform is a place where healthcare administration becomes effortless, with personalized tools that eliminate complexity. Using patented sensor technology, we deliver key information at the point of care to help save time, improve health outcomes, and increase revenue, with robust analytics that demonstrate value for enterprises.

Serving those who serve all

Holon’s intelligent technology provides relief to care teams through personalized tools, services and analytics to prove the value of business and human return on investment.


Holon is the first company to lead in today’s new era in healthcare by focusing on relieving administrative and operational burdens. With Holon’s intelligent technology and human-centric design, care teams can be their best and do their best work.

Holon Community reduces process pain by delivering patient information and communications from multiple internal and external sources to any point of care — within your care team’s existing systems and workflows. The ease of use means greater professional satisfaction and more time for patient care.


Holon Community is intuitive so care teams have exactly what they need to close gaps in care and coding, make referrals in seconds, connect across the continuum, and communicate with ease.

Save time, money, and resources while getting the most out of your investment with minimal training time. Our proof-of-value analytics demonstrate immediate results.

Holon’s dedicated Customer Success team provides full-service expertise, a collaborative framework, and adoption support for measurable value and ROI across the enterprise.

Right Now

Holon Community offers immediate benefits thanks to its ease of use and rapid, seamless integration into existing systems. Not a replacement, but a complement to your existing EHR, Holon Community operates seamlessly within your established workflows — without time-intensive workarounds.

As a strategic partner, Holon’s Customer Success team ensures optimal user adoption with one-on-one assistance, enabling your entire enterprise to thrive.

Implement quickly. Scale up at a rapid pace. Realize immediate results.


We lead the market with a commitment to deliver innovative solutions that eliminate operational burdens to simplify the complex healthcare system. The strength of our leadership team is fueled by diversity of thought, perspective, background and experience not only in healthcare, but from technology, finance, entertainment, and retail industries.

Jon Zimmerman
Chief Executive Officer

  • Proud father and grandfather
  • Blessed husband and music appreciator
  • Innovator, unapologetic workaholic (business athlete), and moderate adventurer

Life motto: Be kind, be helpful, and always do your very best

Work motto: Relentlessly pursue, deliver, and communicate value

Nate King
Co-Founder/Chief Product & Innovation Officer

  • Devoted father and husband
  • Band member and dog lover
  • Functional insomniac

Life motto: Leave it all on stage

Work motto: Market parity is boring

Kathy Varney
Chief Marketing Officer

  • Dedicated mom of two (and an aging obese puggle)
  • Happy wife and failed cook
  • Closet political junky and Shark Week freak

Life motto: Carpe diem

Work motto: Always play offense

Jeff Peterson
Chief Financial Officer

  • Dedicated husband and father
    of two
  • Avid runner and Cowboys fan
  • Dad joke expert (daughters disagree)

Life motto: People matter

Work motto: Challenge yourself for maximum ownership and make it happen

Jim Bogdan
Chief Revenue Officer

  • Devoted husband and father
    of two
  • Jazz and classical trombonist
  • Avid cyclist

Life motto: If your dreams don’t scare you, they are too small.

Work motto: Be productive, not busy.


Holon’s Innovation Lab encourages all team members to create without boundaries, leveraging technology and human-centric design to support humans helping humans.

Innovation = A new idea that when implemented, creates value.

We want to be a catalyst for change and a champion for simplicity for all stakeholders in the industry. At the heart of this ambition is an unrelenting drive to find new ways to bring relief to our customers and lead the industry with game-changing innovation.

How we do it:

EXPLORE – We are fearless, curious, and empathetic to the operational changes we face.

LEARN – We test hypotheses, challenge the status quo, and bring to life through rapid prototyping. 

DELIVER – We deploy solutions that simplify inefficient processes and provide relief to care teams.

We hold ourselves accountable through our guiding principles:

  • Think bold and big
  • Simplify everything
  • See through the eyes of the customer
  • Move at the speed of SaaS
  • Leave your job title behind
  • Humanize at every interaction

Our Innovation Lab has accelerated the delivery of several new solutions that will be launched this year.

Sensor X • Prior Auth • Messaging • Scheduling

Innovation never stops and we hope you’ll join us in our exciting journey!

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At Holon we understand that work-life balance is not only healthy, it makes our work better. We value contributions and results, not hours on a timeclock or in an office.

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