Enhance member value, control spending, and improve outcomes

You want the best for your members. Curated, relevant information can help you deliver. Unlock better outcomes and smarter spending with contextualized care insights.

Holon developed CollaborNet, a precision information delivery platform, to eliminate data silos and seamlessly deliver contextually-relevant member information to providers in their workflows so everyone can achieve success with their quality and spending goals.

Payers leverage CollaborNet to:

Automate delivery of actionable member information to providers without workflow disruption or difficult EHR vendor integrations
Close gaps in care and reduce avoidable spending
Improve risk management, HCC coding, and RAF scores
Increase provider and member satisfaction

Holon’s CollaborNet applications address interoperability challenges that hamper precise information delivery.

We help health plans like yours accelerate delivery of quality care and outcomes while reducing costs and improving revenue.

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“Holon takes the sea of data and makes it very relevant to a specific patient and his or her needs.”

Doug Dietzman, EVP
Michigan Health Information Network (MiHIN)

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