Precision information for precision care

Looking for a way to get comprehensive, relevant patient information into your workflow when and where you need it?
Consider it done.

With Holon’s revolutionary CollaborNet platform, you can say goodbye to patchwork solutions, labor-intensive portals, and inefficient workarounds to get the patient data you need.

72% of Providers

Don’t have all the information they need about their patients

58% of Providers

Believe value-based care only creates more work without benefiting patients

37% of Treatment Time

Is already spent working in the EHR instead of providing care

With Holon Solutions, you and your clinical team can:

Receive contextually-relevant patient information directly within the workflow
Gain seamless, automated access to actionable insights about your patients and their needs
Spend more time building strong relationships with patients and their caregivers
Enhance collaboration and increase patient satisfaction
Improve HCC coding and RAF scores

Holon’s CollaborNet solutions address interoperability challenges that hamper precise information delivery.

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