Less clicks and more data at the point of care? It’s true.

Philips Wellcentive and Holon Solutions announce partnership

Author:  Niki Buchanan, Business Leader, Philips PHM

There’s a few universal truths at the current intersection of health IT and provider satisfaction. We know providers prefer less screen time and more patient time during office visits and encounters.

But at the same time, providers need and want a complete, fast and automated view of patient data, especially when they increasingly need to meet clinical metrics within risk-based or value-based care payment models for growing populations.

Further alignment of disparate EHRs

Through our newly announced partnership with Holon Solutions, the integration of analytics, workflow and a total patient view is not an intersection, but an on-ramp to efficiency.

The detailed announcement of this strategic partnership can be found here.

In it, Holon CEO Bryant Castleton deftly describes the integration. “We think of Holon as an enabler in healthcare. We tap providers on the shoulder and let them know there’s information outside the EHR about the patient in front of them that could impact the care they deliver. Philips Wellcentive’s ability to provide that information and our ability to deliver it in the workflow will significantly increase the knowledge providers have at their fingertips.”

Types of data better managed

Think of a health system running 10 to 20 or more disparate EHRs. Philips Wellcentive aggregates and maps that data, and pulls from other external sources to create a mobile longitudinal patient record. Overall, our customers fit this scenario as health systems already enhancing EHRs with aggregation and analytics while seeking similar enhancements with workflow and usability.

With our Holon integration, as the clinician selects a patient, automated information around risk stratification, care gaps, metrics required for VBC contracts, patient eligibility, benefits and a host of more information appears.

Providers don’t have to look for it. Care managers don’t have to look for it.

Our priority goals around workflow, usability, clicks and the assurance that a holistic view of the patient is available, are all impacted.

Collaboration and innovation

As data gets bigger, provider burdens can and should get smaller. That’s the mission of health IT in the era of population health management and value-based care. Getting there means solution collaborations across all health IT sectors, including EHRs, to find better ways to augment EHR capabilities.

With the Holon Solutions partnership we are mutually filling a big need, and we’re excited about where to go next.


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