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Insights Care Magazine recently named Holon among the “10 Best Healthcare Companies to Watch in 2022.” In the publication’s cover story, CEO Jon Zimmerman describes the urgent need to address escalating care team burnout, which he says has become an industry crisis. He also talks about how the industry has lost touch with what matters most: humans helping humans.

“We know that systems are overly complex and highly fragmented, which in turn drives waste and underperformance,” Zimmerman says in the feature article. “Today’s mounting administrative complexities are causing tremendous burnout and low professional satisfaction for care teams as well as poor outcomes and low satisfaction for patients. Losing touch has become very costly and painful.”

The feature introduces the innovative new Holon Community platform and the national brand campaign that is leading the market and setting the stage for Holon’s next phase of growth. The point-of-care workflows, app capabilities, and key advantages of Holon Community are described in the four-page cover story, which also features photos and detailed graphics showing the new user interface.

Holon’s Chief Product & Technology Officer Nate King outlines how the Holon Community platform was built from a foundation of customer and end-user research throughout the development process. As a result, the tools are highly personalized and easy to use, empowering all Holon Community users to improve care and optimize business results.

Chief Marketing Officer Kathy Varney talks about the many disruptions that have impacted healthcare and how Holon is answering the call to provide operational relief to care teams with a deep understanding that at its core, healthcare should feel human.

Chief Growth Officer Mike Kaminaka speaks to the future in his comments about how Holon is relentlessly driving systemwide improvement that will result in better health at the individual patient level and at the population level.

Read the full cover story here.

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