Hope for a System Under Strain


It is globally recognized that our healthcare systems are under immense strain. The Covid-19 pandemic has laid bare the deficiencies of health systems across the globe, exacerbating systematic issues and underlining the need to address the growing demands of an aging population. Systems are struggling from long-term underinvestment designed to manage rather than solve fundamental problems, approaches geared towards treating disease rather than optimizing health, and a failure to fully embrace technology. Yet, there is hope. Technology can be the centerpiece of creating a new healthcare model that is preventative, personalized, and participatory. With the power to radically improve outcomes and reduce costs, embracing technology in healthcare is essential to moving forward in the post-pandemic world.

Technology alone, however, is not a panacea to these problems. It is crucial that care teams have the tools and information they need and leverage technology to deliver high-quality, empathetic care. Working with dashboards on connected medical devices and computers should all be in the service of driving the best health outcomes and provider-patient experience. Especially for the elderly and more vulnerable patients, relying on technology as the interface of care can cause confusion and frustration. The more barriers there are between patients and healthcare professionals, the further we stray from the guiding principle of our industry: humans helping humans. With the right approach, however, technology can provide relief for healthcare professionals and bring humanity back to the patient-provider relationship.

Healthcare should feel human

Healthcare has grown too complex, and with the influx of new technologies, treatments, and regulations, it can be challenging for even the most experienced healthcare professionals to keep pace. This complexity has led to a loss of touch with what is most important: the patient.

Empathy and collaboration are essential for providing quality care. But in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment, care teams can become overwhelmed with the administrative requirements of their job and the human element of patient care takes a back seat. To reclaim compassionate care, the industry at large needs fundamental change – one that applies “design thinking” – a human-centered approach to innovation that benefits care teams as well as their patients.

That’s why we established the Holon Community, a platform where healthcare is made effortless with personalized tools and information. We know that care teams dedicated to serving us deserve relief and that enterprise hospital systems, payers, and providers delivering results rely on access to personalized tools and information. With Holon Community, care teams have access to the resources they need to provide the best possible care for their patients, while enterprise hospital systems can finally attain the efficiencies, they need to improve outcomes and control costs.

Considering the unprecedented levels of burnout among nurses, physicians, and other healthcare professionals, bringing Holon Community to market has been an urgent call to action and could not come quickly enough.

The Urgent Need for the Holon Community

The realities of our healthcare system are driving many healthcare professionals to burnout. A range of societal, cultural, structural, and organizational factors contribute to burnout among health workers. Given the nature of their work, it comes as little surprise that they bear a heavy toll. They work in distressing environments that strain their physical, emotional, and psychological wellbeing. This makes it harder for patients to get the quality care they need.

Fortunately, there is some relief on the horizon in the form of smart technology. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), healthcare workers have access to tools that enable them to perform their jobs more efficiently and effectively.

At Holon, we understand that healthcare is evolving and that we need to be at the forefront of innovation to provide the best possible care for our patients. Our patented sensor technology, Sensor X, works intelligently in the background, learning and anticipating the user’s needs so it can surface relevant information automatically into Holon Community – saving time and keystrokes and relieving the burden of searching for data. Healthcare professionals can focus less on administrative duties and more on what matters most – delivering quality care to their patients.

The American healthcare system is complex, with numerous contact points between patients, providers, and payers. By leveraging smart technology and innovation, we can streamline care delivery and improve communication at each of those points of contact.

Holon Community is a platform that seamlessly integrates with your existing systems and workflows. It delivers powerful workflow applications, such as Insights, Referrals, and Prior Authorizations, developed in partnership with customer feedback throughout the development and implementation process. Seamless messaging and communication tools create a simple, effective way to collaborate with team members and ensure that patients receive coordinated care. When it comes to healthcare, one size does not fit all. What works for one patient might not work for another, which is why our platform offers a personalized experience with the tools, insights, access, and connections they need to make better-informed decisions.

The power of Holon Community is in the relief it provides the dedicated care teams who serve us all.

To learn more about how the Holon Community and how we can support you in delivering value-based care, visit our website, or schedule a personalized demo today.

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