Holon Solutions Earns Patent for Tech That Delivers Key Data to Point of Care

By: Samara Rosenfeld

Holon Solutions has received a patent for context-sensing technology that delivers patient data and insights to providers at the point of care, no matter which electronic health record (EHR) system they use.

The technology also takes data from any third-party source without the need for interfaces. The patented tech drives Holon’s CollaborNet platform and senses when a clinician is in a patient’s chart, providing key information within the workflow.

“We’re the last mile of transacting information to and from peripheral systems so that action can be taken at the moment it’s most warranted,” said Robert Connely IV, chief strategy officer of Holon Solutions.

CollaborNet presents the most relevant information in a ribbon next to the electronic chart by taking directions from analytics platforms, portals, health information exchanges, outside providers’ EHRs and other data sources connected to the provider’s organization, according to Holon.

The company added that it eliminates extra steps required to login and view patient information on third-party portals.

CollaborNet displays only the data providers require, which can reduce administrative burden and could save at least five minutes per patient encounter, Holon noted.

The sensor technology surfaces information within any EHR by automatically pairing identifiers and user location. The sensors triangulate and surface the most relevant data for the provider based on their specific location, whether it’s an office, shared workstation or an exam room.

“Our now-patented technology is able to instantly filter the barrage of data available to providers and then surface only meaningful and actionable information automatically,” said Julie Mann, chief commercial officer of Holon Solutions.

“Importantly, the newly patented context sensing technology is unobtrusive, serving as a tap on the shoulder with relevant, spoon-size amounts of information that providers can quickly and efficiently act on to close care gaps and improve outcomes,” Connely added.


Original Article  Inside DigitalHealth

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