Holon Awarded Patent for Context-Sensing Technology That Surfaces Actionable Patient Data Within Any EHR for Clinicians


Holon announces that it has officially received a US patent for its context-sensing technology that surfaces actionable patient data to providers within any electronic health record (EHR), and from any third-party source, without the need for interfaces. The patented technology platform senses when a provider is in a patient’s chart and automatically surfaces relevant insights, such as care gaps, within the provider’s workflow saving time and reducing administrative burden.

Value of Context-Sensing Technology

By enabling providers to access critical information from their analytics partners directly within the EHR workflow, Holon eliminates the extra steps required to log-in and view patient information on third-party portals. Moreover, CollaborNet’s contextual awareness of the clinical encounter enables it to display only the data providers require. This reduces administrative burden and saves at least 5 minutes per patient encounter, according to end-user studies.

Optimized for Health Data Interoperability

The patented sensor technology in CollaborNet is able to surface information within any EHR by automatically pairing identifiers and user location, Connely said. Patient-identifier data is located in the chart as well as a health plan portal, an analytics system, or another provider’s EHR. Holon’s sensors then triangulate and surface the most relevant data for the provider based on their specific location, such as a shared workstation, a private office, or in an exam room with a patient.

The healthcare industry and government have struggled for years to solve the data interoperability challenge created by multiple IT systems from competing vendors who have little incentive to share information with each other. The latest attempts to solve the problem—revisions to the 21st Century Cures Act and the ONC Health IT Certification Program proposed rule—are important milestones for the industry. But Holon’s CollaborNet and its context-sensing technology solves a much deeper problem related to interoperability: too much data and too little time.

“The assumption is an industry-wide interoperability standard will mean providers will be inundated with more data than ever before,” said Julie Mann, Chief Commercial Officer, Holon Solutions. “The fact is providers already have massive amounts of data available to them but do not access it because it is buried in analytics platforms, locked in portals or trapped in paper-based reports adding to their administrative burden and increasing the risk of burnout.”

Mann continues: “Our now-patented technology is able to instantly filter the barrage of data available to providers and then surface only meaningful and actionable information automatically. This saves them time and frustration while improving outcomes. This means providers can simultaneously have both comprehensive and simplified information within their workflow.”

Original Article:  HIT Consultant


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