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April 27, 2020

As we navigate our way through COVID-19, the social distancing
and isolation affecting us all bears striking similarities to our
healthcare information: siloed, disconnected, and contextually
amiss. As healthcare professionals, we have become acutely
aware of this analogy. The pandemic has exposed massive gaps
in our system related to access, reliability, collaboration, and
our ability to mobilize resources in a meaningful way. Many of
us knew they were there; the pressure to change was not.

That has all changed now. Two innovative companies, Holon
Solutions and Lifeguard Health Networks, are collaborating
to shift the paradigm.

Single solutions aren’t enough to tackle the issues created
by the industry’s lack of effective cross-constituent
interoperability. In the spirit of true collaboration, Holon
and Lifeguard have come together to build a rapid response
knowledge, patient surveillance, and information platform
that enhances existing infrastructures while creating speed
to value for patients, healthcare workers, policymakers, and
other stakeholders. Powerful together, it’s only the beginning
of an open movement embracing all providers of healthcare

Holon Solutions’ CollaborNet™ platform is a SaaS-based
knowledge delivery service that ensures contextually
relevant information is delivered to any provider’s workflow
at the time of need, regardless of the systems in place. A
“vendor-inclusive” solution, Holon’s patented sensor and
ribbon technology eliminates the need to integrate directly
inside EMR vendors – an enormous barrier facing many
healthcare organizations as they attempt to connect and
extract insights from disparate data sources in a way that
is meaningful to providers. CollaborNet functions with a
healthcare organization’s existing technology investments,
seamlessly gathering and presenting information when the
provider needs it most. It is currently deployed at scale to
help providers close gaps in care, knowledge, and coding.
Smart referral functionality carefully manages all the
communications and tracking of patients as they are referred
to specialists or community resources.

The LifeguardRx solution creates a digital bridge between
healthcare providers and their high-risk patients in the home,
eliminating the “information gap” that accumulates between
clinical visits. The mobile platform engages and activates a
patient’s circle of care (which includes credentialed health
professionals and trusted family caregivers), providing scale
and support when the healthcare provider is not present.

LifeguardRx also tracks meaningful patient reported
outcome measures (PROMs) in real-time, such as symptoms
and side effects, vital measures, and medication adherence,
and utilizes “exception-based” triggers to notify the medical
team when intervention is required.

Together, Holon and Lifeguard deliver an infrastructure that
powers a patient-centered, data-driven model enabling more
timely and informed clinical decisions at the point of care,
whether that is in the provider’s office or at home. Take, for
example, the lead crisis in Flint, Michigan. Holon was rapidly
deployed to help the community respond, making highly
relevant patient information available to providers precisely
when they needed it, and facilitating the best possible
clinical response to those impacted. Likewise, in Australia,
Lifeguard quickly adapted requirements for patient-reported
monitoring in a population health program to track patients
suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19, supporting
respiratory clinics and practices in the region – and even
enabling quarantined clinical team members to manage
patients remotely. By combining their collective capabilities,
Holon and Lifeguard can accelerate and sustain the value
of knowledge and surveillance for better care delivery and

As collaborators on COVID-19, the Holon-Lifeguard
combination offers immense value. It is extremely fast to
implement and brings immediate benefits to providers
and patients. Just download, register, and use. The remote
monitoring capabilities of LifeguardRx give providers 24/7
access to vital information about their patients – especially
those who may have the coronavirus and/or are chronically
ill. The flexibility of the Holon CollaborNet platform ensures
those providers get important patient insights at the right
time, that would otherwise be unavailable or require them to
dig through multiple systems to find what they’re looking for
– whether that’s during an in-person or remote (telehealth)
visit. The combined power promises to help keep patients
healthier, at home, and out of our over-burdened hospitals.

As we emerge from the pandemic, this kind of open
collaboration will only become more significant. The more
constituents joining the collaboration, the better. Openness
and speed must be embraced. Healthcare will be forever
changed and our new normal will require expanded and
more rapid access to vital patient information and the
continued adoption of virtual solutions that support the
home as a growing place of service for care delivery. The
need for contextually relevant knowledge delivered at the
point of need, regardless of the system in place, will only
increase. Likewise, a platform that connects patients to their
caregivers and care professionals for real-time surveillance,
actions, and monitoring becomes more critical. Employing
existing, proven, collaborative technologies will be necessary
for healthcare organizations to survive and thrive.

Coordinated, relevant, actionable knowledge just-in-time,
at the point of need coordinated across all constituents in
any community is the right step forward. Never has the time
been more important to act wisely with a sense of urgency
and purpose to deliver results.

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