Surfacing the Right Data at the Right Time to Fight Physician Burnout

By IDH Brand Insights

 Healthcare and technology are merging faster than ever. And like most events that occur at breakneck speeds — like the weekend, for example, or how quickly your kids grow up — the unification of healthcare and tech is equal parts exciting and scary.

It’s exciting because technology brings tools that empower us to learn more about our patients, improve their outcomes, track their journeys through the care continuum and collect the data needed to make better decisions.

On the other hand, it’s scary because in healthcare, we’ve seen that technology has had a troubling propensity to drive physicians away from meaningful patient interactions and toward monotonous administrative tasks. Many agree that physicians are spending too much time collecting data and too little time reaping the rewards of that effort.

In the race to collect more and more data, healthcare seems to have forgotten that so-called “data oceans” are not necessarily helpful to physicians. On the contrary, under the burden of increasingly large quantities of data, physicians are burning out as they leave their workflows to search for the quality data they need — that critical piece of information that can inform their decision making at the point of care and allow them to get back to the patient.

Surfacing the right data at the right time marks a meaningful advancement in the fight against physician burnout. Holon Solutions has woven this strategy into its business philosophy. The leadership team at the Alpharetta, Georgia-based software company is dedicated to making life easier for providers and their patients with better data delivery solutions that surface actionable insights when physicians need them most.

“We’re trying to turn population health on its head and allow physicians to have more information at the point of care without being inundated with a firehose of information,” said Robert Connely, chief strategy officer at Holon. “That allows them to make better decisions at a fraction of the cost, time and effort.”

Learn more about how Holon Solutions surfaces data and insights to make life easier for providers and their patients.

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