Senior Leaders Signal New Era of Innovation for Holon

A New Era of Innovative Leadership

ALPHARETTA, Ga., April 5, 2022 — Holon, healthcare’s leading intelligent technology company, today announced key leadership positions that signal a new chapter in the company’s incredible story of growth and forward-thinking anticipation of the needs of healthcare’s care team heroes and systemwide stakeholders.

“Our expanded senior leadership team is now in place to lead the market and focus on empowering healthcare teams so they can at last find relief from daily frustration and ongoing administrative burden with the complex healthcare ecosystem,” said Jon Zimmerman, CEO. “We’re changing the relationship between care teams and information by supporting the dedicated professionals in healthcare by delivering information and personalized functionality they need and deserve. No more digging for data at the point of care when what they really want to do is focus on the patient.”

Jon has assembled a dynamic go-to-market executive team to drive continued growth, innovation with a laser focus on the customer. New leaders to join Holon include:

Chief Growth Officer, Mike Kaminaka with 25 years of experience as an industry veteran serving in leadership roles for organizations within payer, provider, and value-based care healthcare markets.

Chief Marketing Officer, Kathy Varney brings 32 years of experience with a unique blend of retail, technology and healthcare experience including serving on the Executive Management Team at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts.

Chief Customer Officer, Scott Tatro joined Holon with more than 15 years of experience in leadership roles at Cerner Corporation and has expansive knowledge in healthcare technology across customer success, business strategy and digital transformation.

Chief Product and Technology Officer, Nate King leads Product strategy, development and innovation. Prior to joining Holon, Nate co-founded AEGERIA, a SaaS-based business strategy platform and leverages principles from his comprehensive media and entertainment experience to deliver compelling product strategies and human centered experiences unlike any other in the industry.

Holon’s new product vision — accelerated by these exceptional recent hires, is bringing to market an innovative personalized, intelligent platform to assist every role on the healthcare team providing the right data, at the right time at any point of care. From managing value-based models to addressing social determinants of health, Holon delivers information without friction, helping care teams save time, reduce costs, and realize greater satisfaction. With emphasis on human-centric design, Holon makes it easy to improve the delivery of care.

“Innovation does not stop with Holon’s intelligent product,” Zimmerman says. “We’ve built the most innovative leadership team in healthcare, experts who come from diverse backgrounds ranging from entertainment and retail to technology and every perspective within the healthcare ecosystem. These talented leaders are contributing their best practices and learned success to dramatically improve today’s overly complex healthcare system.”

To maximize impact, technology must be used to its fullest capability, according to Zimmerman. That’s why Holon has increased its investment in Customer Success. Dedicated success teams are part of the innovation that leads healthcare organizations from the enterprise level all the way down to the practice level for optimal use of the Holon network with customized support to accelerate full-scale adoption.

“We know the Artful Science of Adoption takes thoughtful and well-planned processes, observations and engagement to ensure that the value you expect is the value you achieve,” says Zimmerman. “That’s why we complement our platform with a dedicated team of Customer Success professionals who work in concert with healthcare teams to ensure that the digital assistance the team wants is well-adopted and produces the results health systems and practices need. Their success is our North Star.”

About Holon Solutions

Holon’s intelligent technology distills multi-source patient, member and whole person information and automatically presents it directly within clinical workflows, saving healthcare teams time and relieving the everyday aggravation of digging through heaps of data. Holon is bringing to market a personalized, intelligent system to empower everyone in the healthcare ecosystem to deliver the best care, leading to the best results. Our diverse team of medical and technology experts leverages modern approaches combined with empathy and human-centric design focused on a superior user experience at the point of care as well as at the enterprise level. Knowing that technology by itself does not produce results, our dedicated Customer Success professionals personally ensure that clinicians, administrators, and executives realize measurable value from the Holon platform and drive large-scale, systemwide adoption and improvements across the industry.

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