Humanizing Healthcare With Intelligent Technology

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Healthcare should feel human

Technology is a vital part of the healthcare delivery system, but providers can’t become so technology-driven that their devices and systems drain the human element out of the care they deliver. The more obstacles there are in the way of personalized, impactful care, the further we get from the universal heart of our industry: humans helping humans. With the right approach, however, technology can provide relief for care teams and bring humanity back to the patient-provider relationship.

For decades, technology has promised to change the way providers and patients experience healthcare. It has certainly done so, but many hospitals, health systems, providers, payers, and government programs are still grappling with how to make technology work for them, not against them. The current workflows tend to be fragmented, frustrating, and full of burdens for providers. It’s difficult for most care teams to develop a comprehensive understanding of what patients need and still have the bandwidth to deliver it.

In fact, a recent study revealed that primary care physicians would need to work 26.7 hours per day—more than a full day’s 24 hours—to have enough time for preventive care, chronic disease care, acute care, and administrative duties for their patients. That dramatic disconnect sheds some light on the ever-growing responsibilities placed on care teams.

Healthcare shouldn’t feel like a conflict between what’s happening on a screen and what’s happening in the exam room. Healthcare should feel human.

What is humanization of care?

We believe healthcare is too complex, and the industry has lost touch with what is most important.

To reclaim compassionate care, the industry at large needs fundamental change. The new strategy must be one that prioritizes people and creates a welcoming, empathetic environment for collaboration and communication that improves outcomes and shapes positive experiences. To be clear, healthcare that feels human must be a priority focus that benefits care teams as well as their patients.

That’s why we introduced Holon Community. Holon Community is not a product but a place where healthcare is made effortless with personalized tools and information, providing relief for care teams and delivering results for enterprises. Our new platform was developed to provide relief to the dedicated care teams who serve us all.

Considering the unprecedented levels of burnout among physicians, nurses, and other care providers today, bringing Holon Community to market has been an urgent call to action. And it could not come at a better time.

What is Holon Community?

Holon Community is a place where our patented technology provides clear-cut, operational clarity and assistive simplicity. It’s where empathy and capabilities provide the relief we all need for better patient focus.

Our innovative approach includes a robust portfolio of intelligent point-of-care workflow tools that seamlessly integrate with any health technology. Role-based personalization built into Holon Community gives care teams the information they want, when they want it, how they want it. The personalized experience ensures that every member of the care team can do their best work with greater satisfaction and less burnout.

Our patented sensor technology, Sensor X, works intelligently in the background, learning and anticipating the user’s needs so it can surface relevant information automatically into Holon Community. It saves time and keystrokes, relieving the burden of searching for data.

By utilizing integrations powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), Holon Community can predict the actions of care team members as well as the information they each need. That means they easily have access to meaningful information at every point of care.

What can providers expect from Holon Community?

We lead with empathy and deep understanding to deliver innovative ways to simplify the healthcare system. And we know that providers don’t need ever-increasing volumes of data. Instead, they need insights that advance better patient care and collaboration.

With Holon Community, users have access to intelligent, multi-source information within their existing systems and workflows. They don’t have to jump between platforms because Holon Community is seamlessly integrated for ease of use.

Holon Community delivers powerful workflow applications such as Insights, Referrals, and Prior Authorizations that were developed in partnership with customer feedback throughout the development and implementation process.

Empowered teams can make better care decisions when they have access to more complete information. Holon Community’s Insights application surfaces gaps in care and coding as well as documentation to support the business side of the enterprise.

With our technology working in the background, providers experience simplified processes for common pain points. The Referrals application ensures the entire care team can communicate accurate, relevant patient information and close the loop on referrals effortlessly within their existing systems.

Coming soon, our Prior Authorizations application helps care teams check payer requirements to determine if prior authorization is needed, then easily manage the authorization without leaving the workflow to ensure care delivery in less time and with better continuity.

Seamless messaging and communication tools create a simple and effective way to collaborate with team members and ensure that patients are receiving coordinated care. And soon, providers will be able to schedule appointments with ease, making certain that patients can access follow-up services, so nothing slips through the cracks.

What can enterprises expect from Holon Community?

Organizational leaders benefit from the Holon Community, too. In addition to supporting more efficient and effective care delivery, our suite of solutions provides robust analytics that make it easier to understand and achieve big-picture business goals. With greater visibility and less time wasted on administrative processes, enterprises can better meet their benchmarks for cost, quality, and outcomes.

Holon Community creates a network of support and insight around patients and their care providers. That includes ensuring that enterprises are optimizing their technology tools to maximize results and realize a return on their investment.

Our team of Customer Success professionals is dedicated to making sure the adoption process feels human, too. Our goal is to help clinicians, administrators, and executives realize measurable value while empowering care teams from day one.

Holon’s customers have experienced time savings, in some cases, as much as 20 minutes per case in clinical triage and up to 30 minutes saved on chart prep prior to the patient visit. Quality and risk gap closure rates have increased up to 80 percent in just 30 days with Holon’s tools and customer-success partnership.

Our customers continue to provide positive feedback and share their Holon success stories:

“Bottom line is… I can focus on patient care. Being able to care for patients and making sure we are doing the right thing is invaluable. And that’s what I’m able to do with Holon.” —Ju H. Joh, MD, WNY Coordinated Medical Care

“The support that I have received from Holon is top notch! It’s so refreshing to call or email a person and actually get a call back from a real person and not a bot.” —Karen Marsh, Huron Valley Practice Affiliates, Inc.

We are proud of what we do here at Holon, but most importantly why we do it. With mounting regulations, staffing shortages, increased complexity, and rising levels of care team frustration, we believe the time to drive change and improvement across the industry is now.

Relief is within reach for healthcare organizations that want to reclaim compassionate care. To learn more about how Holon Community can deliver results for your organization, schedule a personalized demo today.