Holon Solutions hires Robyn C. Jones as Director of Client Engagement

ALPHARETTA, Ga., – (December 3, 2018) – Holon Solutions, a healthcare IT solutions company, today announced Robyn C. Jones has been hired as Director of Client Engagement. In this role, Jones will work with Holon’s current customers to help them fulfill the promise of value-based care through Holon’s patent-pending technology.

Jones is an accomplished enterprise data analytics consultant offering extensive experience contributing to the success of Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics projects on an enterprise-wide scale.  Robyn has held various roles at provider organizations and vendors, equipping her with a unique perspective and capability to successfully lead customers through the deployment of Holon’s point of care platform.  Prior roles have included a series of positions with Holy Cross Hospital, Mediware, Credible Behavioral Health Software, IBM Corporation, QuadraMed Inc., and GE Healthcare.

“We are thrilled to have Robyn Jones join our team. Our customers will benefit from her extensive experience in deploying enterprise healthcare IT at scale.  Holon has secured partnerships with many new enterprise customers this year and it became clear we needed an experienced healthcare IT consultant to partner with our customers during the implementation phase of our relationship,” said Julie Mann, Chief Commercial Officer at Holon. “Robyn’s experience, education, and passion will make her a valuable asset to our customers and our team.”

“My career has been focused on consulting healthcare stakeholders through complex technology implementations,” said Robyn C. Jones, Director of Client Engagement at Holon. “In today’s world: data is everywhere.  Healthcare is just starting to take advantage of innovative technologies to better access, manage, and activate growing data sets.  To complicate this, healthcare organizations have numerous technologies, webs of patchworked interfaces, and stakeholders spanning from clinical users to c-suite executives.  Holon has invented a new way to transact data and has intentionally designed it to be simple for the user.  I am excited to equip our innovative customers with breakthrough technology and partner with them to ensure it is implemented to maximize value by improving care, reducing costs, and removing unnecessary administrative burden.”

Jones earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics from South Carolina State University.  She then followed that up with: Master of Science Degree in Management Information Systems from NOVA Southeastern University and a Master of Science Degree in Health Informatics from George Mason University.

About Holon Solutions

Holon Solutions is a healthcare information technology company that liberates the data to liberate the care, putting the right information in front of the right people at the right time through our reimagined interoperability platform.  Holon empowers risk-bearing organizations to optimize patient outcomes and financial performance by surfacing actionable, patient-specific insights directly to and from the point of care.  Holon’s agnostic platform CollaborNet™ surfaces interactive, contextual, insights within the provider workflow, seamlessly shares clinical data with health plans and vendors, and automates information exchange and referrals across health communities independent of the technologies in play.  Our team of innovators are focused on removing the administrative burden from providers through our patent-pending, sensor-based solutions.  We are grateful to be recognized by Healthcare Informatics as the “2018 Innovator of the Year for Value-Based Care”.  For more information about how Holon helps healthcare organizations fulfill the promise of value-based care, visit www.holonsolutions.com and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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