Holon Solutions and Qure4u Partner to Drive Patient Engagement and Power Better Care with Better Data

More connected data ecosystem for providers and patients demonstrates modern healthcare knowledge supply chain in action, strengthens ability to deliver comprehensive care to anyone, anywhere

ALPHARETTA, Ga., and BRADENTON, Fla., June 22, 2021 – Holon Solutions, healthcare’s leading precision information delivery company, and Qure4u, the industry leader in patient engagement and virtual care, today announced a collaboration to address the serious breakdown in communication and knowledge transfer between providers and patients. Through the new partnership, providers will receive precise patient knowledge at the point of care and prior to patient visits. Patients will similarly receive timely, relevant, actionable information to increase engagement in their care journey, both inside and outside of the physicians’ office.

The partnership marks a commitment by both companies to break down the traditional healthcare siloes that result in frustrating, costly data fragmentation that puts patients at risk. In a recent virtual roundtable, Holon Solutions, Qure4u, and others industry leaders discussed the ways insufficient information leads to gaps in care that contribute significantly to poor outcomes for an untold number of patients. Through their collaboration, Holon Solutions and Qure4u seek to bridge these gaps through innovative solutions that reinforce the healthcare knowledge supply chain.

“We are incredibly pleased to partner with Qure4u to bridge the disconnect between providers and patients,” said Jon Zimmerman, CEO of Holon Solutions. “At Holon Solutions, we believe in appropriate, comprehensive care for everyone, anywhere. That is why we’ve long been focused on delivering more comprehensive knowledge to providers to help them deliver the best care. However, that is no longer the only piece of the puzzle that we’re committed to solving. With Qure4u, we’re enabling patients to take more informed and active roles in their care journeys – and eliminating the time lags that can prevent effective collaboration between providers and patients. Most importantly, we’re confident that both providers and patients will reap the benefits of this enhanced knowledge-sharing capability.”

“Meaningful patient engagement has been a missing link in the healthcare knowledge supply chain for too long — even when we know that adherence to care plans is exponentially higher for patients who are engaged and see their providers as partners on the path to wellness,” said Monica Bolbjerg, MD, CEO, Qure4u. “Our collaboration with Holon Solutions is exciting and important because it prevents the inconsistent and delayed communication between providers and patients that keeps patients from becoming key players in their care journeys and enhances their ability to become their own best advocates in the short and long-term. This collaboration is the first of many breakthroughs that will enable our companies, along with new partners, to architect the modern healthcare knowledge supply chain that we all need and deserve.”

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