The Healthcare Industry Report offers a compelling look into the pressing issues faced by healthcare leaders and workers, surveying healthcare leaders in May 2023 and healthcare workers in March 2023. The study reveals their perspectives on staff burnout, turnover, AI, and other topics in order to capture a holistic view of well-being in the industry.

Results include:

  • The US healthcare industry is in a burnout crisis: 79% of healthcare leaders and 77% of healthcare workers have been struggling with burnout this year
  • 62% of healthcare workers and 52% of healthcare leaders want to leave their job. Some want to leave the healthcare industry entirely
  • 72% of workers are “extremely interested” in technology that would cut down on time spent on administrative tasks (compared to 37% of leaders)
  • 70% of healthcare leaders believe there is potential for ChatGPT and generative AI to improve care delivery

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