Cerner, Holon partner on decision support automation

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By Mike Miliard
July 24, 2020

Holon’s CollaborNet technology will deliver analytics data from Cerner’s HealtheIntent population into clinical workflows.

Holon Solutions and Cerner on Thursday announced that they’ll jointly deploy patented technology to automate delivery of patient data from Cerner’s EHR-agnostic HealtheIntent population to keep clinicians informed about relevant health information.

The aim is to deliver needed contextual information directly to clinicians within their EHR workflow, according to the companies, and eliminate the need to spend time combing through numerous different data sources for information that might inform care decisions.

Holon’s CollaborNet tool can detect provider workflow activity and is able to surface relevant patient information and identify gaps in care in display that runs alongside the patient chart, according to the company, enabling faster and less intrusive delivery of decision support.

All month long, Healthcare IT News is focused on the theme of actionable intelligence, exploring the many ways data and analytics are being harnessed and put to work toward the aim of more effective and efficient care delivery.

“Holon’s advanced capabilities will help us automatically bring providers relevant information, insights and critical health data to help them guide patient care in a timely manner,” said Ray Herschman, VP and general manager of health Network and Risk Solutions, Cerner. “We’re making it easier and more convenient for providers to use their data effectively and provide a higher quality of care.”

“Delivering critical knowledge at the point of need is the foundation of Holon’s mission in the market,” said Jon Zimmerman, CEO, Holon Solutions. “We are thrilled to be collaborating with Cerner to ensure the valuable information generated reaches providers when and where they need it – with no effort on the provider’s part – as a huge step toward better quality care, provider experience, business performance, and improving outcomes.”


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