Automatic Surfacing of Key Patient Information

Insights is a convenient solution that automatically delivers specific member information at the point and time of care, as soon as you open a patient’s chart within your EHR.

It allows you to stay within your EHR workflow while it:

Better care starts with a better Workflow

Managing the risk concerns of value-based care is heavily dependent on providers managing gaps in care or coding as efficiently and timely as feasible. There are many solutions in the market today that offer capable analytics or data warehouses to collect, aggregate, and present gaps for risk management. While as rich a story as the data may tell is there for review, providers often fail to utilize such services, generally because that content is offered outside their workflow. Holon has addressed this challenge with our first use case, our Insights product. Insights enables providers to have a greater awareness of identified risk concerns while viewing a chart in their EMR, and with no need for conventional interfaces.

How does it work?

Step 1

A provider opens a patient’s chart

Step 2

Holon surfaces critical patient data within the provider’s workflow

Step 3

Providers can access the relevant information at the point of care, and retrieve the data they need to succeed.

Insights is Simple to Install and Use

With just a few easy steps, you can get the information you need:

We’re helping organizations optimize patient outcomes and financial performance by identifying critical patient information in real time.