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How Intelligent Technology Delivers Value Through Adoption

In the modern healthcare environment, the ability to coordinate care and communicate seamlessly is a [...]

Infographic: Delivering Value Through Adoption

Care teams need relief from the process burdens that weigh them down and take time [...]

Humanizing Healthcare With Intelligent Technology

Healthcare should feel human Technology is a vital part of the healthcare delivery system, but [...]

Address The Roots Of Clinical Burnout With Practice Relief

Burnout is affecting clinicians at an unprecedented rate, and overly complex administrative tasks are partly [...]

How Do Plans and Providers Envision the Seamless Flow of Information?

Recently, health plans and providers shared their candid thoughts on how they want to improve [...]

White Paper: What Do Health Plans and Providers Want?

FREE MARKET RESEARCH REPORT Recently, Holon convened key stakeholders, including health plan representatives, clinicians, provider [...]

Infographic: Are You Spending Too Much Time in Your EHR?

FREE INFOGRAPHIC Have you ever stopped to add up the time care teams spend on [...]

Clinical Workflows Must Support Real-World Care Delivery

Exactly 10 years ago, federal regulators began revving up EHR incentive programs, and Medicare launched [...]

The Healthcare Knowledge Supply Chain: An Infographic

The healthcare knowledge supply chain is the path that health data follows from the mo­ment [...]

Why the Rapid Rise of Telehealth Demands New Solutions for New Silos in Care

COVID-19 has rocked the nation, putting extreme pressure on providers to field a tsunami of [...]