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Better Collaboration

For Better Care

CollaborNet® enables clinicians to exchange
information to drive smooth transitions of care.

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The Cloud-Based HIE Solution

That Fits in Your Hand

Delivering information at the point of care – without
any changes to current systems or processes.

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Are You Ready To

Move To The Cloud?

Reduce costs by securely migrating your
data-flow processes to the cloud.

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SNAPS is now Holon Solutions.

HIE & Enterprise Fax Solutions

HIE for Hospitals

HIE for Hospitals
& Health Systems

Driving collaborative care across communities of care.

HIE for Practices & Clinics

HIE for Practices
& Clinics

Information exchange for seamless transitions of care.


HIE for Rural & Community Providers

Information at the point of care keeping current processes.

HIE for Long-Term Care

HIE for
Long-Term Care

Connecting communities of care simply and quickly.

Enterprise Fax


Data captured, transformed and reliably delivered.

Holon Customers

Better Collaboration for Better Care

CollaborNet Cloud-Powered HIE For Improved Information Exchange

Your patient’s health information is vital to their care. When the correct information is exchanged securely to the right care-giver at the right time – patient outcomes are improved. With Holon’s® cloud-based HIE, collaborative care is here today! Learn more by watching our video then call us for a demonstration.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

"Our implementation experience with Holon® Solutions has been exceptional. Unlike typical technical implementations, this project required very little time on my part and their team was completely non-intrusive while in our facilities."

− Ed N. Nary, Information Technology Director Wilbarger General Hospital

"CollaborNet® is an economically feasible information exchange for Wilbarger that we have been able to implement using our current systems and processes. This solution enables us to exchange meaningful health information that is trusted, appropriate, understandable and available to the right care providers at the time they need it for overall improved patient care."

− Jonathon Voelkel, CEO Wilbarger General Hospital



WEBINAR: Successful HIE Collaboration for Rural Healthcare

Discover a practical approach that puts Health Information Exchange (HIE) within the reach of virtually any rural hospital or clinic.

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VIDEO: Holon & Texas Organization of Rural and Community Hospitals

Watch a news special about Holon’s CollaborNet® technology in a collaborative HIE program with Wilbarger General Hospital and TORCH.

Watch Video