Becker’s Healthcare – The healthcare knowledge supply chain — best practices for hospitals and health systems

Holon Solutions recently joined executives from Apervita, NCQA, and Qure4U in a highly-rated webinar for Becker’s Healthcare. The panel shared insights into a modern “healthcare knowledge supply chain” that not only promises to accelerate the closure of gaps in care at scale, but that exists today.

[View the Webinar]

According to Becker’s, the healthcare knowledge delivery system presented during the webinar is creating “the foundation for a more efficient and effective health system.”

Four key takeaways from the event were also highlighted:

  1. Data like NCQA quality measures is critical to the healthcare knowledge supply chain.
  2. A coordinated healthcare knowledge ecosystem is the only way to enable precision medicine and a patient-centric learning system.
  3. The key to transforming healthcare is delivering insights into the clinical workflow.
  4. Virtual care platforms improve outcomes by engaging patients throughout their care journey.

Access the Becker’s article and webinar recording to learn more about closing more care gaps faster and getting linked to this emerging knowledge supply chain.

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