We know healthcare, and we know information exchange

HIE for Hospitals & Health SystemsOur health information exchange (HIE) solutions help hospitals & health systems drive care coordination across communities of care — from large IDNs to physician offices and long-term care facilities.

Our CollaborNet® information exchange solution facilitates collaboration among the care team by providing hospitals and health systems with access to information at the point of care. By delivering information to the right hands, at the right time and location, care teams can drive seamless transitions of care across the continuum.

Our hospital information exchange is:

Cost-Effective. With CollaborNet Information Exchange from Holon®, your hospital or health system can connect communities of care in a simple, straightforward and cost-effective way.

Flexible. Our health information exchange solutions don’t ask your care team to change their current systems or processes. Instead, our flexible technology adapts to your organization’s needs.

Scalable. Our HIE solutions are built to scale up or down to meet the needs of a large IDN or enable a community hospital to build strong relationships with physicians and other local care providers.

Supportive. With CollaborNet, you can easily connect your organization with physicians, clinics, smaller hospitals and other care providers – without assuming additional IT overhead or operating costs for your partners. Our HIE solution doesn’t require years or months to integrate and implement. With CollaborNet, you can quickly deliver real value to every provider, large and small, to help reduce costs and deliver quality care.

Holon's CollaborNet enables the focus to be on collaborative healthcare

Focus where you want it to be

With Holon’s CollaborNet health information exchange – your focus is where you want it to be, on your patient’s care. With secure access to patient information at the point-of-care, outcomes are improved and the patient experience is enhanced.

Better Collaboration for Better Care™

What can an Information Exchange Solution do for your hospital & health system?

These are a few of the benefits your healthcare organization may receive as a result of implementing an HIE solution like Holon’s CollaborNet:*

  • Help ambulatory providers achieve Meaningful Use
  • Exchange health information with partners and other providers
  • Connect communities of care
  • Demonstrate Meaningful Use for your hospital or health system
  • Prepare for accountable care,  disease management and the evolution of healthcare
  • Generate additional revenues from ancillary services such as lab and radiology
  • Give health care providers instant access to information they need to make timely decisions
  • Drive additional referrals by improving ties with physician practices
  • Reduce redundant paperwork and unnecessary billing requests
  • Eliminate duplicate services, tests and business processes
  • Decrease administrative overhead and healthcare costs

*Source: healthit.gov